How to Save Significant Building Costs by Engaging an Architect during Post-Covid Times

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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused major disruptions to human lives. One of the industries that have greatly been impacted due to the pandemic is the construction industry in Singapore. Due to manpower shortage, supply chain disruptions, and project delays, the costs of construction projects has shot up considerably. With everything going back to normal, architects are being called to reshape projects as we look ahead to a post-pandemic world.

Estimating construction costs is quite difficult. Even if you are working with experienced builders in Singapore, they are unlikely to get it spot on. The construction cost can change overnight based on the price of materials due to a multitude of factors ranging from wars, political conflict, environmental disasters, logistical issues and others.

Thus, hiring a builder before an architect may push your construction cost up considerably. When you hire an architect at the pre-construction stage, you can prevent guesstimate for your project and get a realistic estimate of what the numbers should be.

How Architects Keep Construction Costs in Check?

There are many ways an architect can help manage costs by optimizing the different aspects of construction:

• Design expertise and in-depth knowledge

In practice, an architect can provide a range of services from design, contract administration and project management. Design, however, remains the core competence of the architect. Design expertise and in-depth industry knowledge are aspects of an architect that are usually valued the highest. You cannot inherit or be born with design expertise and in-depth industry knowledge. It requires a combination of talent, perseverance and years of hard work to acquire. Design expertise in the construction industry usually means the professional ability to use knowledge and skill creatively to find solutions to problems. This can involve task clarification, concept generation, evaluation, refinement, as well as detailing design with the awareness of goals and constraints. Design expertise and in-depth industry knowledge are also some of the key aspects that every property owner should look out for when selecting an architect.

• Structured Procurement Plan

Material procurement, inventory, and handling need special attention for construction cost reduction. Architects help develop the most suitable purchasing process that involves selecting suppliers depending on different criteria such as cost, quality, speed of delivery, and specific project constraints. They also help keep better control over every stage of the procurement to keep the cost down.

• Project Administration

A Singapore architect can save you money and add value to your project by managing the builder. When you are managing the project yourself, you are at the mercy of the builder and have to trust them. Architects ensure that the build stays true to the plans and how to recognize mistakes and prevent them from going further or even avoid them altogether.

• Contract Terms to Protect Owner

The architect and owner sign a binding contract that clearly describes their responsibilities regarding designing the home to a budget. It ensures that the architect, at all times, relies on the pricing guidance of the owner’s cost estimate and meets it without compromising the quality.

• Familiarity with Authority Regulations

Architects have overseen hundreds of projects and know what’s possible within the legal limits. They help follow the right process for obtaining planning permissions and building permission, without which you could end up having to spend a lot of extra expenses like fines and even redesigning your whole project.

A Singapore registered Architect (RA) Make Your Life Easier

Your construction project may not require an architect, but it will surely benefit from one, especially during post-COVID times. If you are looking for advice about how partnering with an architect in Singapore can help reduce construction costs and add value to your project, contact ADX Architects today.

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