Here is a collection of useful resources and assets related to our industry that we have compiled over the years.  They are mainly related to the architectural, building and design industry. 

We will continue to update additions or modifications to this lift as the industry is constantly evolving and dynamic. 


In Singapore, there are many Authority agencies that govern various aspects of the built environment. For planning it would be the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), and for building and structure it would be the Building Construction Authority (BCA). Besides these, there are also agencies that you must refer to when dealing with traffic, sewage, drainage and planting/greenery. 

At ADX Architects, we are a Registered Architectural Practice in Singapore and we provide services to obtain clearances from the necessary authorities based on the work involved. See our article “What are the various services that a Singapore Architect provide?”

Here are the websites for your reference:

  1. Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) –
  2. Building Construction Authority (BCA) –
  3. Public Utilities Board (PUB) –
  4. National Environment Agency (NEA) –
  5. Land Transport Authority (LTA) –
  6. National Parks Board (NParks) –
  7. Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) –


A professional is regulated – it is governed by a statutory act for the public interest. A professional must also meet a minimum standard of qualifications, education and experience. A professional must also adhere to a code of ethics.

The practice of Architecture in Singapore is governed by the Architect’s Act. The Board of Architects administers the act. It also conducts the qualification exams for all eligible graduates which qualify to take the exams after a certain amount of experience.

The process for qualification in Singapore is a long process that starts when one graduates from a recognised school of architecture. The Board of Architects keeps a register of all Registered Architects in Singapore.

A practicing Architect must have in force a valid practising certificate in order to practice. This is renewable every year. An Architect must fulfil necessary practicing development requirements to be able to renew their certificate.

How do you find out if someone is an Architect? You can find them listed here on the Board of Architects (BOA) website –


A professional organisation that was formed to promote the architectural profession and the built environment in Singapore is the Singapore Institute of Architects. It is the sole Institute that represents the architectural profession in Singapore,

The Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA) offers membership at various tiers. For graduates who have undergone a complete course of education accepted by the Board of Architects, they may apply for associate membership.

For professional members who are registered Architects, they may join as a corporate member.  For more information on membership and privileges, please refer to SIA website –


Singapore has taken the lead in green building and sustainable architectural design in Asia. As architects, we will continue to be at the forefront of pushing the need for more sustainable construction methods, passive design strategies and green technology.

In 2021, Singapore launched the Green Plan – a national sustainability movement which aims to cultivate bold and collective movement for climate change. According to the website, the Green Plan comprises of 5 pillars that will influence all aspects of our lives – City in Nature, Energy Reset, Sustainable Living, Green Economy and Resilient Future.

Here are links to its website and more related useful websites:

The Green Plan –

  1. Singapore Green Building Council –
  2. Building Construction Authority – Green Mark Scheme –