Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked most often.

What does an Architect do?

An Architect is a trained professional who will be able to assist you to turn your dream into a built reality. An Architect has a wide range of skills to implement this. This includes architectural design, space planning, compliance to regulatory requirements, submission to relevant authorities, documentation, construction detailing and project management.

What kind of training is required for an Architect in Singapore?

The Architect’s skills are acquired over an extended period of training. It starts from tertiary education in university that takes 5 years or more for full degree qualifications. In Singapore, this will have to include the Bachelor of Architecture from a recognised university.
Upon graduation, an architectural graduate will have little industry knowledge. This is where on-the-job training becomes crucial for the further development of knowledge and skills. The experience will have to be over several years as building projects typically a long time to complete.
The relevant experience should involve working on a project from the start to the final completion. The graduate architect will then need to take a set of exams and interview administrated by the Board of Architects. Upon passing the exams, the graduate architect is then recognised as a registered Architect. He or she can append the “Ar” in front of his name.

How do I know I need an Architect?

When you have a land or a property and you are wondering what you can do with it. You may wish to develop the land in order to maximise its potential Or you may have an existing property on the land to enhance its value.
But what type of development to do on the land? How do you maximise the area or efficiency of the land? What is your purpose for the land? The purpose could be for your own needs – to live, work, play or for long-term investment. Whatever the needs, an Architect will be the first consultant to speak to. An experienced Architect will be able to discuss all the possible ways your land can be developed, or how your existing property can be improved or enhanced.

How early do I need to look for an Architect?

As soon as you have an intention to purchase a land or property. The land or property can be small scale, such as a house or it can be large scale, such as a mixed-used land. If you are keen to purchase a land in Singapore for such a purpose, it is advisable to start a conversation with an architect as early as possible. On most occasions, the advice of an architect will influence your decisions on the purchase of the land, its type and location as well as its price.

What kind of architectural services does ADX Architects provide?

We provide architectural services for all types of projects. These include residential projects of varying scales – ranging from apartments to landed houses, commercial offices, hospitality and resorts, retail and mixed developments.
In particular, we specialise in boutique projects that include residential landed houses in Singapore, bespoke hotels and resorts and niche commercial projects.
Our services also include architecture and interior design, including coordination and recommendation of related design disciplines such as landscape design, acoustic design and lighting design. We also provide project administration services and the recommendation of suitable builders for the final implementation of the project.