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Rebuilding your Singapore bungalow house?

This guide will be an invaluable resource for anyone who is planning to rebuild their Singapore bungalow house.

We will help you to understand important considerations like budget, project planning, site preparation, design and build as well as inspection, handover and beyond.

From securing permits to reviving the rich heritage of your Singapore bungalow house, we hope this guide serves you well!

Project Planning

Project planning is a process that is crucial to the success of any project. It helps to ensure that the project will be completed on time and within budget. Project planning can be done in one of two ways: top-down or bottom-up. The first way, top-down, is where you decide on the goal and then work out how to achieve it. The other way, bottom-up, is where you decide on what needs to happen and then work out how to achieve it.

A good piece of advice is to sit down with a qualified Singapore architect and ask how their professional services can help you in planning, design, budgeting, visualization, tendering, management, coordination, quality control, handover and post-handover issues.


Structural and Interior Design Planning

The design process is an important phase in the construction of your Singapore bungalow. It includes the design of the building’s interior and exterior and could include various sections of the property like a yard, open area, parking lot or swimming pool.

With the help of a Singapore architect, you will get a design that takes into account environmental factors such as climate and location, technical factors like the choice of materials and the use of natural lighting and airflow. A good architect will also accommodate budget concerns to control the overall costs for the construction of the house.

There is a saying that 95% of mistakes are attributed to poor or inadequate planning.

Construction design mistakes can be costly to remedy once cast in brick and stone.

Be wise and allow your professional Singapore architect to design your Singapore bungalow house that meets your current and future needs.

Your Singapore architect will use modern tools like 3D models and renderings to assist you in visualizing how his/her design plan can meet and exceed your needs and expectations.


Site Preparation and Site Survey

Site preparation is a process of preparing the ground for construction. The first step in site preparation is demolition. Demolition is the removal of existing buildings, infrastructure, and other unwanted structures from the site. Hacking is the removal of building materials and even vegetation like trees from the site.

Site survey is a process of analyzing and documenting existing conditions on the site such as soil type, topography, utilities within or near the property lines and in some cases environmental hazards.

As part of site survey, soil investigation is carried out. The final report determines its composition and what kind of structural support is required to support the house. It also determines what type of foundation is used.

Your appointed builder should prepare all of the above with the appointment and management of the appropriate sub-contractors and specialists.


Singapore Bungalow Construction

The construction of your Singapore bungalow is typically done in phases by a main contractor and this has to be well-coordinated. A qualified architect will be key to managing your bungalow project from start to finish.

The foundation for Singapore bungalow construction is typically made up of concrete, which is then reinforced with steel rebars. The beams are then erected on top of the foundation and the roofing and structure are built from there. After the structure is done, the architectural works will commence. These works include brick works, aluminum doors and windows installation and internal works including installation of floor tiles, sanitary wares and fittings and mechanical and electrical systems and ceiling works.

At this architectural works stage, it is crucial the process, sequence and timing is scheduled properly by the main contractor. Otherwise, there will be serious delays in completion. This is responsibility of the main contractor.


Inspection, Handover and beyond

The process of inspecting and handing over a new house is a crucial part of the building process. It is important to make sure that the property meets all of the requirements and has been built to a high standard.

The architect will check the main contractor’s works and ensure all works are done and ready for authority inspections.

After handover, the defects liability period kicks in. The Defects Liability Period is the period of time where the main contractor will be responsible to replace and fix any construction defects in a building, appliance or fixture. Do note that defects may not be obvious to you as the owner, and an architect can be consulted. Once the defects is identified, the main contractor has to rectify it. Usually the defects liability period is for 12 months after handover.



Building or rebuilding your Singapore bungalow house is no mean feat. There could be technical issues that arise during this project. Given the complexity of this subject, we would advise seeking the advice from experienced bungalow professionals like ADX Architects to better guide you and become your trusted advisor.

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