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As one of the world’s leading cities for architecture and green living, Singapore boasts of landmarks meticulously constructed and assembled, showcasing not just innovation but also sustainability and functionality. With towering skyscrapers and unique architectural marvels like the Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay, Singapore offers an immersive learning landscape for architectural interns.

Indeed, the architectural scene in Singapore is bustling, with interns having to play a crucial role in most  architectural offices- big and small. They offer fresh perspectives while absorbing and applying the intricacies of designing some of the most iconic constructions globally.

So, what really does the role of these architectural interns in Singapore entail? Let’s explore about this in this article!

Assisting in Design Development

Every iconic building begins with a concept, an architectural dream crafted into reality. Architectural interns in Singapore play a pivotal role in this design development process. They collaborate with experienced architects, helping translate ideas into detailed drawings and 3D models, often diligently manipulating CAD software systems to shape architectural innovations.

Research and Analysis

Stepping beyond design and development, interns also engage in extensive research and analysis. They study sustainable design principles, innovative building materials, and even trending architectural concepts globally. Given Singapore’s focus on green and sustainable living, interns often investigate energy-efficient design strategies, blending aesthetics with environmental sensitivity. Also, familiarization with local building codes and regulations forms a critical part of an intern’s role as these guidelines significantly influence design strategies.


Involvement in Documentation

Creating masterpieces doesn’t end at designing alone. Architectural interns actively participate in assisting in project documentation – encompassing construction detailing, technical drawings and 3D visualization. These documents have to be coordinated with various stakeholders like consultants, contractors, and clients, ensuring that the project aligns with set standards and specifications. Of course, their work is guided and led by senior architects to achieve the desired design intent, criteria and datelines.


Site Visits

What’s architecture without a little on-site action? Singapore architectural interns will be given opportunity to visit construction sites, observing the journey from blueprints to erected structures. From attending site discussions to documenting progress and assisting in rectifying design, construction issues and ensuring the design aligns with the regulations, the field experience can be exceptionally enriching.


Digital Renderings & Model Making

The transition from conceptual sketches to tangible models provides an invaluable understanding of space and form. Architectural interns contribute creatively to the process of model making, both physical and digital forms, aiding the visualization of these architectural wonders.


A Collaborative Endeavour

Being multi-faceted, architecture demands cooperation across various disciplines. Hence, architectural interns often find themselves working alongside not just architects but also engineers, landscape designers, interior designers and construction experts. This collaborative experience promises a broader perspective on the industry, aiding in a comprehensive design approach.


Professional Development Journey

Last but not least, an internship offers a profound glimpse of the professional world of a Singapore architect. Interns receive mentorship from local industry veterans, learn to handle real-world projects, overcome challenges, and understand architecture’s professional practice in context to Singapore’s architectural industry. This transformational journey arms them with the practical skills necessary for becoming successful architects.

In conclusion, architectural interns in Singapore don an array of roles, each indispensable in creating the city-state’s incomparable skyline. They play a critical role in designing and executing structures respectful of local regulations, environmental implications while leveraging the latest architectural trends. Indeed, they serve as the bridge between architectural education and practice, adorning the Singapore property landscape with their ingenious contributions. Therefore, promising a brighter, greener, and more aesthetically pleasing future for Singapore’s cityscape.

As a Singapore registered architectural firm, ADX Architects is proud to provide our full support to architectural interns, as they play an important and promising role in this industry.

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