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Excelling in the art and science of materializing a client’s vision, the architect is one of the key professionals involved in the process of envisioning, planning, and eventually actualizing a project. An architect has a role to play from the initial design of plans and façade, to the final completion of the building, and maybe even beyond.

Contemporary architecture is characterized by a multidisciplinary approach where the architects work closely with other professionals, like professional engineers, interior designers, landscape architects, and even lighting experts, to create the ultimate experience in an innovative, sustainable, functional, and aesthetically appealing solutions.

For a business or an individual wanting to create something valuable, something that will set you or your business apart from the competition, you need to make a decision on choosing an architect who can be involved in every aspect of your project. However, that decision should never be guided by cost alone.

Yes, the cost of an architect’s services is one of the primary considerations in the hiring process, but what is more important is the value he can bring to your project through his design. A good architect is not about the cost but about the value his work brings to your project.

Enlisted are six major aspects to consider while hiring your architect:

1. Design Expertise and Track Record

Experience is one of the key considerations in selecting and hiring any professional, more importantly, an architect. So charge a good architect with the experience and track record to match. Evaluate the portfolios of different candidates, shortlist a few and ask them some preliminary questions to assess their capabilities and suitability. It is note-worthy that most good architects value their expertise so they will not be giving any “free” design proposal without an official engagement. Even though most architects have experience in design, a good architect will also accommodate your requests for a specific style of architecture that you like and would work with you on the same.

2. Architect’s Role in a House Project

The architect plays a vital role in taking your project from the initial conceptualization to the completion. As a client, it is also important that you know about the exact role that the architects play. Your architect must work with various experts like contractors, plumber, electrician, bathroom and kitchen specialists, and other responsible parties involved in the project to ensure the project progress runs smoothly. He creates a construction strategy that makes the building process easier.

3. Selection and Specification of Materials

One of the key aspects of any construction project is selecting and specifying the right type of material. Materials used in a building project are affected by many factors and need expert advice. Before you can select the right materials, you need an architect’s advice. A good architect will guide you towards the best kinds of materials that’s well suited for your project and that you can use without giving second thoughts. Often material selection costs a lot of time and money; therefore, if the architect is familiar with the area and budget, they can help you make the right decisions for a perfect building.

4. Compliance to Necessary Authority Regulations

Architects are licensed to create buildings and have the correct qualifications, and are able to deal with necessary authority regulations. It is very important to work with a competent and qualified Singapore architect, as such is part of the architect’s responsibility to ensure proper building construction is carried out. Having years of experience and insight to the technical knowledge required to design a building is a very important value-added service from qualified architects.
They develop the building’s design and construction plans thoroughly and ensure that they correspond to applicable building codes, according to the building type. They are also aware of environment and site impact which will affect orientation of rooms, cross-ventilation and natural lighting benefits. So when looking for an architect for your home, check if they are licensed and registered for this profession.

5. Project Administration – Control Contractor’s Time and Cost

Focusing on project administration is another basic responsibility of an architect. In this capacity, they control the time and cost of the project and have complete authority over the assigned project. Modern architecture is changing very fast, and managing a better time to completion of the project is an important job for the architect. Apart from contracts stated in the schedule of work, the architect does the major supervision work related to the contract and keeps a tighter control over a project’s activities, cost, and time.

6. Professional Ethic and Conduct:
The most impressive architects are the one’s with outstanding ethics. They are willing to work with your requirements and help you achieve the project plans within the time and available budget. During the project, you can expect to be treated with courtesy, integrity and professionalism. So, select an architect based on their professional conduct and ethical behavior. They should possess the ability to work professionally and ethically with clients, contractors, and consultants, creating an atmosphere that is conducive for both parties.

There are countless differences between a good and a bad architect; therefore, to hire one, go through proper research, ask some questions, and look for the right answers. Also, remember the most important guideline while hiring a Singapore architect is to look at the architect’s track record while hiring them.

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