Why Does It Cost So Much to Hire a Singapore Architect?

There was a time when an architect’s fees were based on a fixed percentage of the project and the construction cost. But, over the years, the fee structure has become much more complex. One of the major reasons for it is a wide array of specialized services offered by architects these days, which wasn’t the case earlier. But, even then, many people continue to question why Singapore architects charge exorbitantly.

“Why does it cost so much for a set of blueprints?”

It is one question most architects in Singapore have heard before. However, just like any other service-based profession, architecture involves a series of complex tasks throughout the project. Here are some of the things that factor into a Singapore architect’s fees –

Their Vast Experience

A good Singapore architect will have hundreds of completed projects under their belt. This experience is invaluable when it comes to investing in a sizeable real estate project. Hiring a qualified and licensed architect allows you to tap into their experience, making them well worth their fees. They have the expertise to translate your wish list of needs and wants into a beautiful yet functional built design. Years of experience provide them with the ability to see the bigger picture.

Their Willingness to Go Beyond Your Expectations

An architect sees much more than the intended design; they see the entire project as a whole. Every project is unique and has its own set of requirements and challenges. An architect’s knowledge covers everything from design, law, sociology, ergonomics, and other areas such as construction techniques and materials. They are capable of coordinating all aspects of the project to minimize any unforeseen problems and costly errors.

Ensuring Smooth Flow of Project

The construction of a house is a cumbersome process and is often messy and disruptive. Involving a Singapore architect throughout the designing and construction process ensures they monitor if what is drawn on paper is actually realized in the building stage. While most other contractors involved in the building process will come and go, an architect will be there till the end to ensure consistent and sustainable results.

Handling All Project Stakeholders’ Expectations

All stakeholders of a real estate project do not have the same objectives. Therefore, it is critical to establish qualities of the project that will help satisfy the needs and expectations of the clients and that of the end-users. An architect can identify the areas of convergence and those of differences between them and manage their expectations accordingly. An architect is well-versed with the technicalities of the design and construction process and understands that it needs to be simplified for the stakeholders and end-users to gain clarity.

To satiate the expectations of all the parties involved, the architect often uses a mix of traditional and modern forms of communication. It includes reports, briefs, feasibility studies, risk management surveys, health and safety reports, cost plans, construction progress reports, photography, models, certificates, Computer-Aided Design (CAD), 3D Printing, Building Information Modelling, project schedules, and more. Which of these measures are used by an architect depends on the scale, complexity, and economics of the project. The primary aim of these measures is to ensure the outcome of the project aligns with its objectives and owners/stakeholders’ vision.

Leading Design and Coordinating Other Consultants

Singapore’s design and construction process involve coordination with other consultants such as engineers, interior designers, painters, and others. An architect has prior experience working with local construction professionals, ensuring perfect coordination among them. It offloads the worries of the owner and takes care of the many cumbersome tasks on their behalf. Architects negotiate with the planners on planning permits, coordinate with the engineers, builders, and surveyors to keep schedules and budgets in check.

Meet Deadlines and Ensure Quality

The role of an architect goes beyond design and drawing. Their responsibility also includes project administration. In this capacity, they can keep tighter control over the project’s activities and cost. It is this area where the value of a good architect is demonstrated in monetary terms. They reduce the risk of the project not meeting its deadlines or getting substandard works. Some design decisions continue to be made till the last day of the project. An architect helps protect the project’s integrity and prevent things from going awry.

The services of a Singapore architect may seem expensive at first as it doesn’t involve buying something tangible for your project. However, you are hiring them for their skills and time that is hard to quantify. Hiring an architect for your project ensures you get the best out of your project, regardless of its scale and complexity. When considering their services, their fees should always be in conjunction with the value they bring to the project.