What design decisions need to be made when building a custom Singapore home

When building a custom home in Singapore, there are many design decisions that need to be made. The most important decision being the layout of the house. There are also other design decisions that include finishes, materials, colour palette, exterior finishes and landscaping. With so many decisions to make, it is may be wise to work with an experienced registered Singapore architect who can help you make the best choices for your custom home. The rest of this article will hopefully guide you in making that dream home a reality.

What needs to be addressed when building a custom Singapore home

The location and orientation of your property

Is the house facing the morning sun or evening sun?

What are the surrounding buildings or structures? Is there a preferred view?

Where is the prevailing wind direction?

The land

Is it on flat land or is it on a sloping hill side?

What is the existing condition of the soil?

Singapore’s building code and regulations

What are the regulations in place regarding extensions or addition and alteration (A&A) works?

What are the building setback controls additional storeys?

Your budget

This is something that you should discuss, plan and manage wisely.

What are the various styles of design to consider

The many styles to choose from include modern, traditional, colonial, contemporary, tropical colonial, Mediterranean or a mix of styles.

How can you customize your home to suit your needs and preferences

You may need to engage the services of an architect or an interior designer to help you with planning and designing your home. Here are some things that you should take into consideration:

The layout of your home
Do you want an open concept or a more traditional layout?

The number of rooms
How many bedrooms do you require? Will there be dedicated rooms for work, recreation or hobbies?

The focal point of your custom Singapore home
it’s the star of the room. It’s the first place viewers’ eyes should land when they enter your home and it’s the emphasis point around which you build the rest of your design.

Why should you hire a Singapore architect

A common issue people have when building a custom home is that they may not have the experience or know-how in this particular area. Hiring a registered Singapore architect(RA) can be extremely helpful in building your custom Singapore home because this is exactly what they are trained for.
The Singapore architect plays a vital role in taking your project from the initial conceptualization to the completion. He/she will work with various experts like building contractors, plumber, electrician, bathroom and kitchen specialists, and other responsible parties involved in the project to ensure the project runs smoothly. He/she creates a construction strategy that makes the entire building process easier. Your Singapore architect also acts as your quality assessor to ensure that materials and processes involved in your building project are in accordance to the approved plan and budget.


Building a custom Singapore home should be an enjoyable process. Working with an experienced Singapore architect like ADX Architects is one sure way to know that your dream home is the hands of professionals who have vested interest to create the best possible outcome for your custom Singapore home because it will be included in his/her project portfolio which will in turn attract other future clients.