How to Pick the Right Size Firm for Your Landed Property Renovation in Singapore

As a proud owner of landed property in Singapore, you want to add maximum value to it. One way to do it is by renovating it to meet modern standards. Landed properties are in high demand in Singapore and come with many privileges. Unlike renovating your condos, which come with restrictions, landed houses have unlimited scope for owners. You can easily match the property’s exterior and interior to your lifestyle and aesthetics.

What is a Landed House in Singapore?

In Singapore, a landed house means the owner also has the title to the land and the house that sits on it. Owners do not have to pay any monthly maintenance or parking fees. Owners of landed houses can easily tear down the house and rebuild it as long as it follows the local laws. Most landed houses in Singapore are of a freehold tenure which makes for the most value in Singapore property.

Areas of the Property Where You Should Not Cut Corners

If you have recently bought a prized landed property in Singapore, you would want to renovate it to the best contemporary standards. As one of the most expensive and prestigious forms of property, your landed property deserves to be perfectly designed and renovated to its full potential.

There are a variety of things you can do to your landed property, but here are the most important areas of the property you need to focus on –

  • Landscaping – Do not underestimate the power of first impressions. Quality landscaping, new exterior fixers, manicured lawn and other exterior features can make your home look bright and inviting.
  • Stairways – Remodeling your stairways can have a huge impact on the space. You can add an extra closet under the stairs for storage or even completely open it up to let light into the area from behind the stairs. Possibilities are endless.
  • Windows & Doors – New windows and doors will not only improve the aesthetic of your house but also make your home more energy efficient and soundproof.
  • Roofing – The roof is the most important part of your home, so replacing the roof is a great investment. You can choose from exciting design elements while making your home energy efficient with a new roof.
  • Details – Whether it is the colour, brand, cabinets, appliances or even flooring, there are a number of decisions when it comes to materials you need to use in your home renovation. You should be able to weigh your options to determine where to splurge and where you can save.
  • Selection of Suitable Materials – The choice of materials will play a major role in how your house will look and feel. Thus, choosing the right materials and finishes for your home will be a critical decision you need to make when opting for renovation.

Picking the Right Firm for Landed Property Renovation

Renovating your landed property can completely change the structure, layout and even the style of your home. Here are some tips to help you guide on the critical things to look for to partner with a reputed and trustworthy form you will enjoy working with.

Here are some useful tips to get you started on your landed property renovation project –

  • Set a Renovation Budget – Knowing your budget and sticking to it is among the most important part of landed property renovations. Thus, plan your budget before hiring a firm for renovation. You also need to add a little contingency fund for any unexpected cost that might crop up.
  • Make a List of What You Need & Want – Make a master checklist of everything you need and want that will make budgeting decisions easier. Not only will it help you get an accurate estimate, but it will also make comparing firms easier.
  • Perform a Background Check – it is important to ensure that the firm you pick is licensed and insured. Check the past projects that they have worked on. You can make a list of their previous clients and call them to find their feedback on working with the firm.
  • Schedule an Appointment – It pays to interview multiple firms before hiring them. It allows you to pick the one that best fits you and your project. Have a list of questions to ask the firm so you can narrow them down later based on their answers.


You are going to spend a lot on your property renovation, so hiring the right firm from the start is critical to ensure it is correctly designed. Since you are opening up your house to a team to bring your vision to life, you need to be sure that the firm you pick can handle your project properly. When you have an overall great experience with the firm, the final results will surely be exceptional!

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