How to Add Value to Your Residential Property?

Do not get carried away with the prospect of starting a new house project and taking on the role of designer and project management all by yourself. Many people walk around the street, and think they can just approach any builder to copy a similar house they like along the street. It is usually not as easy and simple as you might think.

Whether you are looking for a simple renovation of your existing home or starting from scratch to build a new home in Singapore, getting a Singapore registered architect from the start is a wise step that will pay dividends later. That is because a registered architect with the relevant experience to work on residential projects will have a host of skills that are crucial to making things work.

At ADX Architects, we specialize in creating homes that add value to both people’s lives and the value of the property! It is not just a firm you hire to design your project. ADX Architects can provide you with the full suite of architectural services you need for your construction project. The amount of time and money you will spend on constructing your residential property will be significant. So, make sure you get it done the right way.

Here are some of the ways that ADX architects can add real value to your residential property in Singapore.

  • Improved Quality of Life and Well-Being

One way ADX architects add value is by creating a home you will enjoy living and growing in. A happy and enjoyable home is crucial for health, happiness and overall well-being. While happiness, safety and pride may seem intangible at the start, you will soon realize that they directly correlate with your physical and mental health.

Our architect designs space that provides adequate air and light into the space. Appropriate light levels, natural ventilation and acoustic properties are used to keep you happy and healthy. Taking advantage of Singapore’s tropical climate and local site orientation, the spaces that are created will yield numerous tangible and intangible benefits.

  • Improved Functionality, Productivity and Efficiency

Another crucial way Singapore architects add value and save you money is by improving the functionality and efficiency of your home. While it is difficult to see the direct value, it is definitely there. As we lay down our plans for your house, we make efficient use of your home’s square footage to maximize utility and reduce construction and maintenance costs.

Optimizing the overall size of your home is always desirable for the best returns. ADX architects take the time to understand how you use different spaces around the house and areas where you spend a lot of time to lay it out more efficiently. We also carve out usable space in areas that may seem wasted.

  • Reduced Construction Costs

ADX Architects can create homes with affordability in mind. Functional designs, efficient floor plans and cost-effective materials selections are just a few ways we can help reduce your construction costs. We ensure the house gets built to the drawing requirements and follows all the necessary industry standards in Singapore. Our team get your ideas and needs on paper to create a stunning design before the construction starts. It is less expensive to make changes to the design before the construction is underway.

  • Lower Life-Cycle Costs

Your house’s upfront design and construction cost is just 25% of its total life cycle. While most people think of reducing the upfront cost, we also consider the remaining 25% as it will yield the highest savings for you in the end. We can make educated decisions on the kind of materials and equipment to use that can save money over time. Ensuring appropriate insulation and material selection can help lower long-term costs for your home.

  • Higher Resale Values and Better Investment

Well-designed homes have higher market value and are a better investment than most homes. When you allow ADX architects to improve your home’s efficiency, functionality, and visual appeal, its resale value increases considerably. Thus, it justifies spending money on architect’s fees if you consider the thousands of dollars, you save later.

Final Thoughts

Each house has the potential to be a great house, and great designs are achieved by the design team at ADX Architects. The services of an architect provide you with expert advice at every step of your project and a greater likelihood of the project finishing on time and to budget. Our architects in Singapore will realize your ideas, understand your concerns and embrace your needs producing a design that is unique and a fit for your lifestyle.