6 Risks of Going into a Residential Building Project without a Singapore Architect

Hiring an architect may seem like an additional cost, but not hiring one can lead to serious problems. Residential projects can be complex, although some people may think they can do the design on their own.  It does seem intuitive sometimes as one just simply needs to designate spaces that suit their own lifestyles. However it is important to understand the risks involved in saving costs and not engaging an architect for your residential home project in Singapore.

Here are some of the biggest risks that people take when they avoid hiring an architect:

Project Overuns Budget

Without professional guidance, the building processes may end up incurring extra costs. This could be due to various reasons – for mistakes in space planning or selection of materials, to miscommunication to builders and sub-contractors on the exact things you have in mind. An architect can help keep expectations clear by issuance of detailed drawings, selection of right materials for use in various situations, good and timely of communication with builders and control of costs to keep them at the same levels as they were originally projected.

Poor Design

If you do not work with an architect for your project, there is a high chance that you will end up with a poorly designed building that might not meet the occupant’s needs. Experience comes to play here. After all, a professional architect has to go through six years of university education, including industry experience. For a registered architect, one has to further earn the qualification by passing the relevant exams set by the Board of Architects (see article XXXX). An architect will definitely be able to help design and develop the project so that it meets your preferences, building codes, and modern design practices.

Doesn’t Comply with Codes and Regulations

In Singapore, a registered architect is the best person to manage a construction site and ensure it is compliant to current standards and codes. While a contractor can help with certain tasks, their strengths could lie in execution rather than management and compliance. On the other hand, an architect helps manage and protect the legality and ensure a safe working environment during the construction phase of your residential project.

Compromise of Project’s Quality

Even though you might have drawn sketches and selected everything you need, there is no guarantee that your contractor will follow all your instructions to the letter. Hiring an architect allows you to take advantage of their professionalism in project administration. All projects needs to be done whereby a contract is in effect between owner and builder. An architect will then administer the contract professionally, acting as the key person in managing the project with the builder. This definitely gives you peace of mind knowing they will do their job the right way.

Delayed Completion

Without an architect, your residential building project in Singapore can stray off track, suffer delay and can take much longer to complete. An experienced architect will be able to keep your project on track and avoid unnecessary delays by the buildert. They offer proper guidance to ensure your team stays on task and completes your project within the stipulated time.

Undesired Outcome

The level of detail that a home needs is overwhelming. Working without an architect can lead you to miss those details that often have a big effect on how you use your home, its functionality, convenience, and its aesthetics. An architect can ensure the finished look of your home is as you had desired.

How to Find the Right Architect for Your Project?

Once you decide to hire an architect, you need to choose the right one. You need to hire an architect who is not just skilled and professional but also communicates well and whose cost models work perfectly for you. Remember, the architect your friend hired may not be the right one for you.

In summary, there can be many issues that can arise when you do not engage an architect for your Singapore residential project. At ADX Architects, we have a team of qualified professionals that can assist you in your project. As a registered professional architectural firm in Singapore, we have the experience and expertise after having working on many projects in the past decade. We have the right experience that can save you the headache of not having professional advice and guidance for your upcoming Singapore residential project.