Debunking 5 Singapore Architect Myths

Singapore does not have the world’s tallest mountains or the world’s deepest gorges. Singapore does not have many places listed in Unesco’s list of world heritage sites. What Singapore has is a dynamic economy. It is the economic outlook of Singapore that is the primary driver of property prices here.

The opportunity to build a landed house in Singapore is exceptional. Whether it is a Good Class Bungalow (GCB) within one of Singapore’s most coveted areas or a brand new landed house, you want something beautiful, functional and long-lasting.

In your research and discussions with people, there are certain myths that you came across. You know how damaging these can be, that’s why you landed on this article.

Let’s tackle them.

1. “Hiring a Singapore Architects is expensive.”

In what may look like a case of sibling rivalry, this myth is usually perpetrated by people who engaged with contractors and eschewed an architect for their project.
The greatest thing that one has to look at when developing a Singapore architectural project is cost. These include material, licenses, labour and the skilled manpower who will get the job done.

Two of the most prominent of these, of course, is your Singapore architect and Contractor. It is the architect who will come up with the plans, and the contractor to implement them.

As a cost-saving measure, many people tend to eschew the important services of an architect on the misguided myth that they are expensive to hire. This is definitely not the case.

The architect will only cost anywhere from 5% to 10% of the entire cost of the project.

2. “My project is a simple one – I do not need an Architect. Just copy the neighbour’s house.”

Getting that Singapore landed property project off the ground can be one of the most fulfilling things you’ve ever done. As such, you might feel that it is in your best interests to get it done as quickly, and as cheap as possible.

Since your neighbour’s house looks amazing, you think well, the contractor can just replicate that and you’ll be good to go.

It doesn’t work like that.

Every site is different. From the size of the land to the orientation of the site. Copying a design does not benefit you at all.
In any case, why would you want to live in a copy of someone else’s work? Wouldn’t it be more satisfying to live in a home that was designed especially for you?

Afterall, your and your family’s lifestyle and habits may be very different from your neighbours.

A Singapore architect will help you design, plan and construct a house that will provide that satisfying feeling that you are unique.

3. “The builder can get an architect for you – the architect just signs the plans only.”

That couldn’t be further from the truth. There are a lot of Singapore building laws and codes that govern how your property should be built. Some builders are only concerned with having their construction drawings signed off by an architect.

This actually is a terrible idea to heed.

A qualified Singapore architect has the skills to turn your dream to a buildable reality. He or she will take your thoughts and ideas and then use their extensive knowledge to come up with designs that are not only functional but cost-effective and legally compliant to the regulations.

4. “I do not need an architect; I just need an engineer for my project.”

One thing you need to understand is the key differences between an architect and an engineer. The architect designs and creates the building; and the engineer develops the structure for the builder to construct it. Do note that both parties have a distinct role to play. This applies to authority submissions and cost controls too. Singapore architectural project overruns can be quite expensive, both in terms of time and money.

While the engineer will be happy to take more of your money, it is the architect’s job to ensure the design fits your budget and overruns don’t occur. This includes documentation of the design, and supervising the project during construction – ensuring the materials used are as per specified and the construction program is followed.

5. “The architect design is always more expensive to build…”

A good architect will always start the design basing on the owner’s requirement – and that includes the budget. The only thing you have to be looking out for with an architect’s design is that everything agreed to will be built. There is no room for shortcuts or substitutions.

Cutting corners with construction is never a good thing. Building defects and problems are not only expensive but also quite troubling and disruptive. The most common reason?

Skimping on quality materials and workmanship to save on costs.

A Singapore architect will ensure the construction standards are adhered to. This may seem a bit more costly at face value, but the peace of mind and protection from lawsuits and damages will be well worth it in the end.