Solar Panels Installation – 5 questions people always ask

With the electricity prices in Singapore increasing due to overcapacity and rising fuel prices, more and more homeowners are looking for greener options. Those who reside in landed homes have the option of installing solar panels to generate electricity for their own use.

But, going solar should never be an impulse purchase. After a home and car, it will be one of the biggest purchases that most homeowners will make in their lifetime. It is important for homeowners considering installing the solar system in Singapore to take some time and effort if solar is the right decision.

Why Should I Go Solar?

Well, the answer depends on your needs. Most homeowners go solar for electricity bill savings. But what they do not realize is that going solar also allows them to increase their property value and control their power bills. Of course, there is a growing awareness of sustainability today and this could also motivate people to adopt solar. In Singapore, you can even sell the excess solar electricity produced by your solar grid back electricity provider. Other logical reasons are it reduces carbon footprint and help create a sustainable environment for future generations.

Is My Home Right for Solar Power?

The answer to this affects the cost and the savings of your solar system. While you may need professional help to determine if your house is right for solar power, here are some things you need to consider –

  • Amount of Sun Your House Receives – Your house should receive a considerable amount of sunlight during the day. If it is in the shade, it might not be a viable option.
  • Direction Your Roof Faces – In Singapore, south-east facing homes get good morning sun, which is best for solar power. Homes facing the south get little to no sun and might not be ideal.
  • Cost of Electricity in Your Area – The more the electricity price in your area, the more money you will be able to save by going solar.

If your house checks the above three boxes, solar is a wise investment for your home. However, speak to an expert before making the final decision.

Can Solar Installation be a DIY Process?

While you can install solar panels yourself, there are several drawbacks to doing it. Installing solar panels is not as simple as swapping the water purifier or mounting a light fixture. Improperly installed solar panels can increase your cost in the long run. There are several regulations that need to be followed to maximize functionality and savings. Thus, it is best to hire an expert with knowledge of the advanced wiring technique and who can ensure the integrity of your roof.

How Will the Generated Solar Energy Help Reduce My Energy Bills?

The solar panels will convert the sun’s energy into electricity that you can use to power your home. Even though the initial investment is a little higher, it pays off itself within a few years. Even when the electricity rates rise, your solar bills remain the same, helping you save thousands. In addition, you earn credits for any additional energy you produce that is not utilized by your solar system that further reduces your energy bills.

How Long Will My Solar PV System Last?

Solar panel technology has improved drastically in the past few years. Most manufacturers claim the solar panels can produce power efficiently for at least 25 years. But, with time, there might be a slight degradation of about 0.8-1.2 percent every year. This degradation is caused due to pollen, dirt, and other external factors, so it is critical to have the panels cleaned every few months. While the panels may become a little less efficient with time, the degradation won’t be significant for at least several decades.

Do I Need Permits or Approvals Before Installing Solar Panels?

If you are considering installing solar panels in your home in Singapore, you might want to know if you need a permit to install them. The short answer is yes. You will have to submit an application to Singapore Power through a Licensed Electrical Worker.


Doing your homework and being prepared is a big part of any major investment you make to your home. Installation of power panels is an expensive investment, but you should know your requirements and everything that is involved in its installation. Armed with the answers above and consulting with a registered Singapore Architect, you will be in a better position to make the leap to solar energy a great success.