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Every building in Singapore tells a story, and these stories are made by architects and interior designers. But a lot of people are often confused as to whether they should hire an architect and interior designer separately or someone who does both. When putting together a team for your project in Singapore – you need to understand the services that the architects can provide you. Even though architects and interior designers may seem to do the same things, their qualifications and scope of work are entirely different. But it does not mean that an architect cannot do interior designing for you, given they have proper qualifications and experience. This article will help you understand how the skills of architects and interior designers vary, differ and overlap. Additionally, it will help you answer if you should hire an architect with experience in interior design or an exclusive interior designer for your space.

What Do Singapore Architects Do?

The scope of a Singapore Architect usually covers different aspects, including –

  • The main responsibility of an architect in Singapore is to design a building or structure based on the requirements of their clients and as per the local laws. The design will take care of several varying concerns such as the building form, façade treatment, orientation of the building according to the sun path, internal planning and more.
  • Once the design is finalized, they submit the all the relevant drawings to the local development authority and Building and Construction Authority (BCA) for permit approval.
  • Once the BCA approves the design, technical working drawings are released to the builders for construction. Some of the drawings include, floor plans, locations of all bathrooms, plumbing and sanitary provisions, position and size of the doors and windows, specifications of floor materials and layout, electrical layouts and others.
  • The best Singapore architects also coordinate with the builders and supervise the overall construction for smooth execution and completion of the project.

What Do Singapore Interior Designers Do?

Interior designs in Singapore bring their creative hats to the job along with technical knowledge. Their responsibilities include the following –

  • Once the construction of a building is completed, the interior designer will beautify the indoor space of all types of buildings like homes, offices, hotels, and others.
  • They create drawings of the interior designs that are aesthetic and functional for the interior space based on their clients’ lifestyles, preferences, and budgets. These drawings are then sent to the clients for approval.
  • Once the drawings are approved, these drawings are then handed over to the different carpenters or contractors to execute the specific tasks. The drawings provide details such as the materials and the finishes for different items of work like the cabinets, decorative wall paneling, ceiling features and others.
  • The interior designer also helps pick the furnishings, textiles, hardware, drapery, color combination, paint colors, wallpapers, and loose furniture to complete the look of the interiors.
  • The interior designer will coordinate with different contractors to ensure all work is up to specification and completed in a timely manner.

What is the Role of Interior Design within Architecture?

The majority of architects in Singapore tend not to be very deeply involved with the interiors of the buildings they design, even though there is always a dialogue between the architect and the interior designer. But in modern times and with more emphasis on interdisciplinary expertise, a number of successful Singapore architects like to have more control over every aspect of the building they are designing, including the furniture, fittings, and lighting. It allows them to create a higher quality and integrated living or working environment for their clients.

It is worth mentioning that the boundaries between the architecture and interior design discipline often overlap. In general, architects with interior design experience can be equipped to carry out interior design and decoration work. On the contrary, interior designers are not able to carry out the duties of architects because they probably do not have the experience, tertiary skills or qualifications. A lot interior designers like to call themselves interior architects, but it is important to understand their scope should be based mainly on interior works, not works that affect exteriors of a space or structure.

Should You Have Your Singapore Architect Do the Interior Design or Hire an Exclusive Interior Designer?

Singapore architects and interior designers both bring to the table certain skill sets that are critical to good design. So, who to hire will depend on the expertise of your Singapore architect and your particular project needs. If you already have a structure built and just need help with designing the interiors, an interior designer exclusively would be best.

But, if you are considering building a structure from scratch, then hiring a Singapore architect with knowledge of the interiors would be a smart and cost-effective solution. In cases of remodeling or rebuilding where the walls need to come down or the structure needs to be changed (in Singapore this is called addition and alteration works), it is desirable to hire a Singapore architect with interior designing experience to make the new structure aesthetically pleasing and functional. Look at your individual project to help you decide whose skills would be the best fit for your requirements.

Architects can be equipped with interior design expertise if you find the right one. Otherwise, it is always possible to engage a good architect and interior designer to work collaboratively. It is useful if they both know each other and are able to work together. After all, a building project is usually a fairly long-term commitment for success.

Many full-service Singapore architects, like ADX Architects have a strong architectural team and an in-house interior design team to manage their client’s projects. It allows them to focus on the big picture, and it can be a magnificent amalgamation of insights from both fields that can do wonders for your project.

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